Entry #12

Cartoons, an album, and song videos, too!

2015-03-20 17:00:34 by SonicWombat

Dude, I've been producing a shit-ton of things over the past year.

For starters, I recorded my very first album, Possums Are Scary, and released it on iTune, Spotify Amazon, and BandCamp. It's chock-full of songs like I have on my page here, but professionally recorded. Check it out here, or just search for "Possums Are Scary" on the site of your choice: https://thesonicwombat.bandcamp.com

As well as my seminal album, I've been regularly releasing videos of myself performing original, clever (if I may say so myself) songs that I've written. They're worth checking out, if you're up for a laugh. http://www.youtube.com/thesonicwombat

Finally, I've been working overtime on my cartooning powers. I've really grown since I began a year or so ago, but I'm always open to your opinion. Check out what I've got and tell me what you think! http://sonicwombat.newgrounds.com

Anyways, thanks for reading, and have a great day! B)


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2015-04-20 07:28:47

A lot of good stuff! Good day to you too!


2015-04-30 10:11:56